About me

I am a currently a Senior Scientist at Apple. I received my PhD in Computer Science from the University of Utah in May 2004. My adviser was Prof. Al Davis. My dissertation titled The Perception Processor explored the design of a high performance, low power, VLIW stream processor that accelerates speech recognition and vision for embedded applications. I have done post-doctoral research with Prof. Bill Dally's Concurrent VLSI Architecture group (CVA) at Stanford and worked as an Innovator (post-doctoral researcher) at the Siemens Technology to Business Center in Berkeley. I am also the founder of an EDA/ESL startup company named Satva Design Automation.

While at Utah, for several years, I was an architect and VLSI designer for the Impulse Adaptable Memory Controller project. I also briefly worked for the Flux operating systems group.

From 1995-97 I worked for Novell in their Operating Systems and Networking groups, kernel hacking the UnixWare/System V Unix OS.

I am from the beautiful land of   KeralaIndia, where I received my B.Tech degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the College of Engineering, Trivandrum. I am also an alumnus of Loyola School, Trivandrum.

In my spare time I read quite a bit, listen to instrumental music (mostly world music, classical and Celtic), collect and work on old computers , practice the traditional martial art  of Kalaripayattu and teach myself calligraphy and sketching. And yes, ski a lot in winter!!! Donations of classic computers, XK8s, XKRs and Spyders are always appreciated! If I could afford it, I would live in a lighthouse and drive around in one of these. If you feel inclined to worship me, I'd like to direct you to my shrine maintained independently by devotees ;-).

If you just don't "get" me, in the Myers-Briggs test I tend to drift between INTP and ENTP.

You can contact me at <My email address as an image - I hate spammers and their bots!>